Roofing System – Top 5 Problems

26April 2018

The Roofing System Over Your Home

A roofing system is known to encounter various issues throughout their lifespan.  It’s important to learn how to spot problems before they arise.  In this article were listing the most common problems that may arise and how to handle them. Unless you are comfortable being on a roof and using the tools required, we strongly suggest you hire a roofing contractor to complete the job safely.

Diagram of the roofing area of a house explained.

The Fascia

The fascia is a front board that runs horizontally along the line of the roof and is also known as roof trim band. Installed under the edges of the roof and made of sheet metal or wooden boards. These are the finishing touches that run vertically linking the rafter’s trusses and the parts of the roof that connects to the gutters. This element of your roof serves two purposes: protection and curb appeal. This band of metal or wood protects the home’s interior from the damaging effects of the weather by preventing rain or other outside elements from getting inside. Also, when it comes to the aesthetic purpose this band provides a smooth level appearance along the roofing edge.

With a fascia the most important thing to remember is protection. Since the job of the fascia is to protect it is important for homeowners to watch for any indications of decay or damage.

What Are Soffits on a House?

Looking up at soffits on a house.
By Noles1984

The Soffit is the finished area located under the fascia and the rafters. In Latin, the word soffit means to fix underneath. Soffits made from vinyl improve the flow of air and to draw moisture and heat away from your home. With the pulling away of heat and moisture properly functioning soffits prevent the sheathing and rafters from rotting.

As a homeowner, you should check your roofing soffits for holes cracks and any decaying. If you run across any of these it is very important to correct those problems immediately to avoid water, insects and other tiny critters from getting in.

What is the Job Of Flashings?

The job of the flashing in a roofing system is to close off any open areas in which water may penetrate and lead to the bigger problem of leaking. Depending upon the roof on your home the flashing made from steel or aluminum and are located around the drains walls, valleys, system edges, chimneys or around the skylights.

The most widespread problem that we see with the flashing is deterioration caused by oxidation and varying weather patterns. Also, there are a few cases in which the flashing just simply comes loose.  It is important for you to take the time to check these areas to prevent larger issues.

The Function of The Gutters

The gutters on your home protect the structure by directing water away Showing Gutters & Downpipes on a White and brick housefrom the foundation of your home. It’s important for you as a homeowner to inspect your gutters and make sure that the spout is facing away from the foundation of your home. Stopped up gutters and downspouts are the number one problem that we see. Also, there are some cases in which the gutter may become detached from the fascia. You may also want to consider using extensions on your gutters to protect the foundation of your home.

Roofing Shingles

Inspect shingles and fix as soon as you suspect there might be a problem. Curling, discoloration and insufficient ventilation can cause a large amount of damage in just a brief time if not fixed and handled correctly. Curling of shingles not only looks bad but allows water to seep in and damage other parts of your roofing system.

Discolorations are a big warning sign of a leak in your roof. No matter what size discoloration it is important to have it checked immediately because a very tiny spot can create a large hole in the ceiling of your home.

Lastly, insufficient ventilation can result in buckling. What should I do if I run across one of these problems? The key to getting the most from your roofing system is regular inspections and maintenance. Most people are not comfortable or qualified to do this themselves so calling in a pro is your best bet.

Call us today for one of our roofing experts to inspect your roof.

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