Safety Boots For Roofers in 2020

14December 2019

Safety Boots for Roofers is a Requirement 

Safety boots for roofers are a requirement in many provinces in BC according to the Roofing Contractors Association of BC (RCABC), read below…

“RCABC offers a comprehensive Fall Protection/Safety Monitor course that focuses on the real life requirements to meet current WorkSafeBC standards and regulations.”

“Any employer with employees working at heights over 3 meters (10 feet) in BC will benefit from taking this course, as it provides workers with an understanding of different types of fall protection, emergency procedures, and the required personal protective equipment”.


Safety Boots For Roofers in BC Helps Prevent Falls

Slips are common events that we usually discover comical and amusing. In any type of building and construction site, job-related security is definitely not a laughing matter to be ignored. It is highly unacceptable to be working for a management that coldly disregards the security as well as well being of its workers.

This is why significant precautionary procedures need to be purely observed particularly in construction sites. Yet employees can protect against accidents as well as incidents by wearing suitable roofing shoes. Some jobs simply make remarkable demands on footwear as well as boots. Although roofing tasks are usually done throughout mild weather, it typically includes hot, heavy and filthy jobs that make the working environment more dangerous than the majority of construction work.

Safety Boots Vs Sneakers?

Regular boots or sneakers would not be sensible to wear on pitched roofs. Roof surface areas are generally slick as well as slippery so slide immune rubber-soled roof footwear with great ankle support would be the best footwear for roofers.  falls from roofs not only takes place to those employees that are constructing or setting up roofing, however,  also throughout upkeep, repair service and also site clean-up.  A great traction roof covering shoes would be appropriate in doing various roof tasks.

Safety Precautions to Observe

Other precautionary actions need to additionally be observed to prevent untoward accidents. When servicing roof coverings, make sure to keep your center of gravity low and over your feet. This would significantly assist in maintaining your footing on the unequal roof covering surface area.

Roofer on a high pitched roof doing repairs.It is additionally extremely crucial to be always familiar with things around you. Eager reflexes are essential specifically in walking on high rooftops. Your roof shoes ought to have an exceptional grip on angled roofs. Prevent leaving repair products such as nails carelessly spread on the roofing system surface area.  Roofing contractors typically wear out the toes of their roofing shoes or boots. It is likewise a good idea to choose a “walking cover” that goes over your roof boots which can be added or removed easily and help to grasp the roofing surface.  They are great for walking on job sites which makes them the perfect safety boots for roofers.

Also available are peak performance boot replacement pads for use on shingles, plywood, wood shakes, felt and slate.

Don’t Risk Falling at Work

Versatile roof covering footwear is additionally ideal for navigating around roofing system surfaces. Taking into consideration the threats involved in the repair and maintenance of your roof covering, it would be best to contact the experts. The possibility of damaging a limb is simply not worth the few added dollars that you may save by dealing with it yourself. However, if you ever choose to tackle some minor roof repair services, make sure to be appropriately dressed for the challenging task at hand.

Tough-Guy Peer Pressure against Safety Boots

You never get too old to have peer pressure even on the roof, but making an intelligent choice is never out of season.

The best pads to use on your boots have a combination of cell density and tensile strength.  They should wear out as they are used and can be easily replaced with new, inexpensive pads that are held in place by Velcro.  Yes, not only your children have Velcro on their shoes but so does roofing dads.

The Velcros pads have a strong hook and loop design that adhere to the sole pad of the boot and its sub-sole.  There are two different types of pads used in the roofing industry, one for composite shingle and another for slate, tile and metal roofing surfaces.

A quick video by Integrity Roofing showing the exchangeable Velcro Pads on his Cougar Boots …enjoy!

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